Welcome to your new campaign!

Is this a new world? Is it a remade world? Is it a futuristic/past version of another campaign world?
Future Custom Earth
The world is young? Old? Middle Aged
What is this world’s place in the cosmos? Is it wholly in the prime material? Is it in a demi-plane? Is it a plane of its own?
It is a resurrection of the old Earth, now Terra, the Creator turned on Magic to include other elements of humanoids and to invite in other patheons gods from the multiverse. Plane on it’s own. Closed – Epic lvl required for access.
Are there other non-natives in the world? Is it only non-natives? Yes, no.
Is planar travel possible? Is it common?* Epic levels may planar travel.*

Are the gods uninvolved? Dead? Evil? Good? Psychotic?
There is a Creator, who is Good, there is the Destroyer, who is Evil, and there is Gaia, which is the Major God of Neutrality.
What and when was the creation? * The Creation originally was the Earth and real world history, but slowly the humans destroyed all other life, the planet, then themselves almost completely with their technology and lack of competition, which is why they turned on themselves. The original sets of Demi-Gods didn’t perform their roles properly which also resulted in this. The Creator rebooted with Magic and Technology still possible, now they were to be divided upon the old world, Terra, having Gaia replenish it. The Creator then brought in a myriad of other races, beasts and beings from across the multiverse, reseeding the world with a rich diversity of life while allowing the small percentage from the previous Age to remain.*
What was the previous age? Earth, BC 5million – AD 2525.
Is good or evil in charge? Neither? The Creator, The Destroyer, Gaia.
What keeps the balance between good and evil, or what is it keeping good or evil in charge? Gaia is the balance, and the Children of the last age server the Destroyer and the Creator, (1/2 Celestials & ½ Fiends). Gaia has many many servitors (Tarrasque, Leviathan, Godzilla, Mothra, Zaratan, Kraken, Jabberwocky, Behemoth, etc…)

Is there anything unique about the physical earth? Plants? Air? Sky? Sun? moon? Stars? Water? Weather? Magic AND Technology work. Tech in Southern Hemisphere is ascendant, while Magic is in the North. There is a 400 mile band centered on the equator where both are equal.
What does the typical human/elf/Eladrin/Halfling/gnome/dwarf/orc/goblin/tiefling look like in this world? All Pathfinder standard…except for the Human Children of the Last Age, they all bear the Mark of Gaia upon their person somewhere.
What is the technological level? Is there gunpowder? Is there steel? Adamantite or other special metals? Renaissance. Yes. Yes. Mithril & Adamantine, all fantasy type metals.
What are the animals like? Regular ol’ Animals, Dire & otherwise. Pathfinder standard.

Is the world a future/past version of an existing campaign setting? Already addressed.
How did the world get to this age, or this place in time? Already addressed.
Were there major historical events that have shaped the world? Already addressed…expound upon the Reawakening eventually.
Are there important racial histories? Yes, the great migration and the Re-Awakening.

Does magic function as written in the core books? As another system? As purely elemental? As purely arcane? As purely sorcery? Pathfinder standard.
How about psionics? Yes.*
How about other power sources? * Open Question.*

Are there multiple continents? It’s Earth, so yes.
Are there major bodies of water? It’s Earth, so yes.
Are there important, large geographical features? It’s Earth, so yes.

Are all core races available? Some? Only humans? Only another? In what proportions? Pathfinder Standard plus some.
Do the 5 senses function as normal? Are any diminished? Accentuated?
Pathfinder Standard.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

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